Every wedding is special in its own way. There can hardly be the same two weddings in the world even though you may find them similar. This event is made by the love of two people, and that makes it unique and magical in its own right.

Some couples like it big and lavish, and others consider it a more private and intimate moment. Funny enough, if you want a more modest wedding you will have to look harder than when organizing a larger one. Although, this may leave you more time for creativity and more space for adding the personal touch. Here are the 6 ideas to create a simple but stylish wedding.

1.    Venue and invites

Smaller weddings can also be extravagant. But to keep it simple, choose a venue which is close to your heart. It can be a coffee shop where you two met, your apartment if it’s big enough or backyard. Whatever it may be, you will still need to organize the guest list, send invitations and hire music.

There are some great DIY ideas how to create your own wedding invites. It’s amazing what you can do with some arts and crafts thankfully with the glue gun. If you artistic and your partner are artistic, draw something unique to the people you’re inviting, if possible. For sure, these will be the invitations no one will forget.

2.    Decorations

Simple doesn’t mean devoid of anything, but just that you chose the minimalism design as main décor idea. Usually, guest chairs are decorated with fabric and bows, while tables have some sort of flower embellishments. Instead of flowers, you can place petals on the centre of white tablecloth and put candles in the glass jars in the middle.

See-through balloons resembling bubbles can hang from the ceiling with golden bows gently falling. You can fill glass bottles with water and place plants like lavender and rosemary inside. It will not only look great but will also spread the sweet, refreshing scent through the wedding party.

3.    Wedding dress

You will not have a problem to find a simple wedding dress, but rather to choose among the variety of choices. There are designs for every style and fashion trends. Before you start looking in the boutiques, visit a vintage store and see if you can find something interesting. You can also design your own dress and find a seamstress to tailor it for you.

Even simple dresses can have decorations, granted a more inconspicuous one. A white bow tied on the lower back, or ruffles at the skirt. For bohemian style, choose a flutter-sleeved maxi dress, and for more sophisticated look choose a midi shift dress. A sleeveless maxi dress will give you a casual look while gently following your figure from top to bottom. While for the classic look, you can pick an A-line dress.

4.    Shoes, bridal bouquet and veil

A more intimate wedding means that you can feel more relaxed in the company. If you aren’t too fond of high heels, take a look at the beautiful Avarca sandals. They are comfortable, yet affordable and will certainly take care of your feet all night long while making you look elegant. You can even wear all white trainers, something every known sports shoes’ brand has to offer. You can spray them with some glitter or use ribbons for shoelaces. That will give them an extra charm.

5.    Bridal bouquet and veil

The bridal bouquet can be also custom made from colourful cardboard and paper. It can be a DIY paper maché project. If you’re more akin to nature and season allows for it, make your own wildflower bouquet with daisies, lavender, foxglove, and other. Enclose them in chiffon and tie them with the wide bow and they are ready for throwing.

Veils are the matter of choice. Some brides decide to place an accent on their hairstyle with some moderate decorates like flowery or pearl pins. If you wear a sleeveless dress you can choose a long veil, falling over your shoulders.

6.    The wedding cake

The cake is that sweet moment when you cut your piece together and exchange bites. For a simple wedding, you can choose a white cake with scarce fruit decorations like cherries and raspberries. Of course, you can choose any other colour for the cake, and even two. If you were able to save on everything else through your creativity and DIY projects, maybe you can spend a little more on the cake. Just make sure it goes well with the rest of the wedding décor.

In the end

It’s your special day, so try to have some fun. Enjoy the people, music and happiness all around. With so much personal input, this will certainly be the wedding reception everyone will fondly remember.

Many thanks to Helen Bradford for this article   




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