Dracula’s castle, McDonald’s, Twitter… Wilderness Reserve presents the weird and wonderful wedding venues that will make even the most traditional of couples want to opt for something a little bit out there.

 A Disney balloon ride, Florida

If an ordinary hot-air balloon doesn’t do it for you, how about the ‘Characters inflight’ ceremony in Orlando, Florida – where you’ll be wed in the land of your favourite cartoon heroes?

Pro: Stunning views across Walt Disney World, Florida.

Con: Not everyone likes adults dressed up as animals.

Dracula’s Castle, Transylvania 

Horror fans can enjoy the thrills of this eerie haunt, likened to warlord Vlad the Impaler – the inspiration behind the Dracula stories.

Pro: Visually, it’s the castle of fairytales.

Con: Historically, it’s the castle of nightmares.

McDonalds, USA 

Yes, in the States you can get married at McDonalds if you like. Ohio co-workers, Tyree Henderson and Trish Lynn Esteppe, married where they’d met a few years before. Customers carried on ordering their Big Macs as they shared their first married kiss.

Pro:  You’ll be ‘loving it’.

Con:  You will be breaking the wedding diet ASAP.

Battersea Power Station, London 

This iconic disused power station is one of London’s architectural favourites.

Pro: The ‘view’ space’s floor-to-ceiling windows for panoramic views and amazing photos.

Con: There’s no escaping the venue’s intensely industrial vibe.

On Twitter 

#GetMarried via tweets like groom, Cengizhan Celik, and his bride, Candan Canik, did. They were gathered in a room with their officiant and witnesses, while the officiant carried out the nuptials on Twitter with the bride and groom ‘mentioning’ their vows.

Pro: No need to worry about the guest list – you can invite everyone.

Con: Declarations of love are restricted to 140 characters or less.


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