As one of the most important, memorable and photographed days of your life, it’s hardly surprising that you’d prefer to spare no expense on your wedding day. But with everything from the dress and the rings to the catering and decor to factor in, it won’t be long before your bank balance reaches bursting point.

With a little help from the budgeting experts at Jolly Good Loans, today’s post is aimed at helping you take the financial burden away from your big day – so you can plan the wedding of your dreams without suffering the monetary repercussions for months to come.

1.  Do your research (and ask around)

You might think this goes without saying, but when it comes to planning a large-scale event, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of carrying out extensive research. With the internet at your fingertips and any married friends happy to advise you, you’ll have all the resources you need to seek out even the most obscure additions to your big day – and this also means you’ll be well-placed to do a spot of negotiating.

Once you’ve mentioned the ‘W’ word, you’ll soon see prices soar, but most vendors aren’t opposed to price matching or even under-cutting their competitors, so don’t be afraid to ask for a discount. From the flowers to the venue, if you’re able to shave off a few pounds here and there, you’ll soon see the cost of your wedding come down.

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 2. Consider going out of season

 As a bride, it’s not unlikely that you’re keen to say ‘I do’ in stunning sunshine in the height of summer – but as any bride-to-be will already be well aware of, in the wedding industry, prices for just about everything tend to hike up between May and September. If you’re happy to settle for less than a blazing hot day (which, let’s face it, is never guaranteed in England anyway!), then you could see big savings.

While flowers, the venue and even catering is likely to be cheaper if you plan an off-peak wedding, you won’t be the only one to save a few pounds – as your guests can also benefit from the date you choose. Hotel rooms, transport and even outfits are likely to be less expensive out of wedding season – so it’ll be savings all round!

 3.Say no to wedding gifts and yes to wedding help!

 While you might not be lucky enough to have a friend who owns a farm fit for a rustic wedding, chances are, there will be ways to utilise the skills of your nearest and dearest in the name of reducing your wedding budget. Get to work on the guest list first and then think about how each attendee could help you cut back the cost of your big day.

Consider replacing a traditional wedding gift list with requests for help instead. Whether it’s an amateur photographer uncle who’d be happy to document your wedding on camera, a creatively minded friend who’s happy to whip up your wedding invites or a green-fingered neighbour who can help with the bouquet, you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve – and how much you can save – if you pool these skills together.

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 4. Do away with fancy wedding favours

 If you think back to each of the weddings you’ve been to, are you able to recall the wedding favours from each one? Chances are, probably not. So why are you worrying so much about the favours for your own big day? Instead of splashing out on miniature alcoholic gifts, charity donations or personalised memorabilia, why not think outside the box?

With a little creative thinking, you could come up with something that’s not only cost-effective, but that your guests will also use or keep. Say goodbye to traditional almonds and hello to handmade thank you cards, sweet treats or customised keepsakes. By taking the time to add a little artistic flair, you can ensure that your wedding favours are the ones that guests remember.

 5. Upcycle everyday household items

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 When it comes to decor, spending can soon spiral out of control as you consider the huge range of aspects – from chair covers, lighting options through to table decorations. However, a quick check in the drawers and cupboards at home could unearth a whole host of trinkets that will make the perfect accessories for your wedding.

Ask friends to keep hold of their glass jars and use these as candle holders or colourful stones to create eye-catching centerpieces. Alternatively, head to a wholesalers and bulk buy sweets. Guaranteed to be a hit, you can use these to fill up your jars and make your very own candy shop for kids and guests.

With the average UK wedding coming in at around £27,161, it’s hardly surprising that brides-to-be are looking at ways to cut the cost of their dream day – and we hope that with these handy hacks, you’ll be able to do just that!

Many thanks to Tegan Denwood for this article.


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