Each year brings new wedding trends, and 2017 is no exception. Over the past few years, the way people get married has changed drastically, so how couples dress for their special day is changing too.

This is also the case for members of the wedding party, especially for the bride and groom´s mothers. Gone are the days when they would end up dressed like they were attending The Queen´s garden party. Today, most mothers of the bride and groom look fantastic, and know how to choose outfits that let their personalities shine through.

This year, they have plenty of choice. There are some great new mother of the bride fashion trends to enjoy, the best of which we share with you below.

Two piece outfits

In 2017, most mothers of the bride will be wearing dresses rather than suits. However, virtually every dress is being sold with a jacket, wrap, or shrug, so effectively they are actually two piece outfits.

Even those dresses that do not include one of these separates are designed to look like two piece outfits. Some of the nicest dresses we have seen, this year, include built in overlay tops. A number of designers have used crepe or lace to create these beautiful, and interesting, multi-layered dresses.

Elegant cuts

For the most part, cuts are more tailored than they were last year. You can still buy dresses with an A-line skirt, but the vast majority are straight-cut or only flare out slightly from the waist down.

Rich fabrics

As you would expect, most mothers of the bride outfits are made from luxury fabrics. Satin, silk and lace all remain popular, but shiny finishes are no longer prevalent.

Bold print dresses

There are also quite a few nice print dresses available. The designs are bold, sometimes bright and mostly floral. This type of dress looks great paired with a plain jacket and the right accessories.

A touch of colour

Last year´s muted tones are still available. Stone, grey and cream outfits can be found in most retailers’ collections. However, bright colours are starting to become available too. Hot pinks and shades of red appear to be especially popular.

Sinamay hats

Many mothers of the bride like to wear a hat. It is a great way to finish off an outfit, and make it extra special.

This year, Sinamay seems to be the material of choice. It is a very light, yet strong material that can be worked into amazing shapes, which makes it ideal for making wedding hats.

Satin clutches

Elegant clutches are still the bag most mothers of the bride choose to use on their daughter´s wedding day, so it is no surprise to see them being made widely available. As usual, there are plenty of lovely sparkly clutches in the shops and satin covered clutch bags are making a bit of a comeback.

Statement necklaces

For 2016, a matching statement necklace is the must have accessory for mothers of the bride. Many of them feature big stones, which can be chosen to blend in with the colours in the outfit.




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