Weddings are a time to celebrate your relationship and what makes you both happy. This is why so many of us choose themes that feature all of our favourite things, or life events that are special to us.

Ready to tackle some wedding DIY? Try out one of these crafty project to decorate your venue and wow your guests on your big day.

To drive that extra special, personalised theme forward why not add a little DIY to your to-do list? You don’t have to be an artist or a super crafty person to create the ideas below, but they’ll definitely add a little wow to your wedding day:

  1. Personalised glasses

Feeling a little stuck, when it comes to your favours for guests? Then get crafty with decal transfer paper for glass. Pick up a job-lot of champagne flutes and spend a weekend putting together personalised glasses, for guests to raise at the toast. They double up as place names too, saving you a little money and time.

  1. Wood burned coasters

Wood etching is an easy skill to pick up – after a few practice runs – and the possibilities are endless. Create personalised favours and place names for guests by taking a small wooden stump – you can buy these pre-treated or get rustic and pick one up while out on a walk – cutting this into slim slices and then using a pyrography tool to etch in a name, date or table numbers. It’s a great DIY project for a woodland themed wedding – check out this tutorial.

  1. Picture frame table markers

You can pick up picture frames relatively cheaply, in a variety of sizes. Choose picture frames that match your theme – these could be intricate and ornate or straight and modern – decorate these if you like in a colour to match and then pop in a print out of the table number. Mix and match fonts and sizes for a quirky touch.

  1. Paper flower bouquet

Want a bouquet that lasts? Then skip the real flowers and opt instead for the paper kind. You can make these yourself in any colour card or paper you like. Alternatively, you could use other paper materials instead – what about pages from your favourite book, ticket stubs or even photographs? You can photocopy these so you aren’t ruining originals and they’ll be an incredible reminder of everything you love on the day and after.

  1. Upcycled wine bottle vases

Don’t chuck that wine bottle in the bin on Friday night. Instead, use the bottles as cute makeshift vases. The deep greens and blacks of wine bottles look incredible on any wedding table and with a sprig of gypsophila (baby’s breath) or a rose in each you have an easy DIY table centrepiece that was great fun to consume and enjoy afterwards.

  1. Soup can flower holders

Again, another great DIY that also does it’s bit for the environment with some recycling – ask friends and family to collect any soup cans they have (preferably washed out first) and use these to create cute vases for your centrepiece. Soak the cans in warm water to get the labels off, then grab some spray paint in a colour that matches your theme and spray them in a well-ventilated space. Paint numbers on the side, so they double up as table markers and pop some flowers in to dress them up.

  1. Embroidery hoop favours

This DIY may take a little more patience and skill than others but you can be really creative with your design to reflect your theme. Grab an embroidery hoop – a wooden one is a great choice as it can be painted – then stretch a fabric of your choice within it before use thick, embroidery thread to create your design. These make cute favours for guests or personalised presents for bridesmaids. Use one as a sign for the card table or to point guests towards where they’ll be eating – the options are endless.

  1. Make your own confetti

You can make confetti from anything – all you need is a hole punch. A heart shaped hole punch is great for a wedding. Here are some ideas for materials you can use to make your own confetti from:

  • Comic books
  • Book pages
  • Photographs
  • Ticket stubs
  • Autumn leaves
  • Wrapping paper
  • Christmas crackers
  • Music sheets

Sprinkle your chosen confetti on the tables – but don’t give this to guests unless it’s a biodegradable material.

  1. Toy plant holders

Grab some old toys – such as dinosaurs and animals – and turn these into cute planters that can either be given as favours or used to decorate your venue. Succulents and air plants are good choices for these DIY creations, as they won’t need watering very often and can handle most environments. Here’s a great tutorial to follow, you can choose any type of toy you like to match your theme and then feature them in your home afterwards as a sweet reminder of your day.

  1. Christmas bauble centrepiece

This DIY table decoration can be truly mastered by anyone and is ideal if your wedding is planned for December and you’re embracing all things Christmas. All you need is a tall vase, Christmas tree baubles that match your theme and then to place these into your vase to create a pretty, seasonal themed centrepiece. It’s still DIY – but so easy to do.

Many thanks to Debbie Fletcher for this article


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