Wedding gifts are hard to think of. If you’re lucky, the couple will have given you a list of things they’d like, or perhaps they’ve asked for money instead. But, for those who haven’t specified, you’ll need to get your thinking cap on. Here are 10 fun wedding gift ideas that other friends and family members are bound to have not thought of to get you started…

  1. A ‘one line a day’ notebook

This notebook is perfect for a couple that value sentiment and meaning. It allows the newlyweds to write one line a day for five years, meaning they’ll have a record of the first five years of their marriage to look back on one day. From noting down the small favours to the bigger lessons learned, it’s sure to be a gift they end up treasuring.

  1. A pizza grilling stone set

If you know the happy couple love to cook and eat together, how about treating them to something they can use at home? A pizza grilling stone set will turn their oven into the perfect pizza oven, meaning they’ll have plenty of weekends to look forward to with a homemade pizza, a comfy spot on the sofa and a good film.

  1. Tickets to a theatre show

It’s not uncommon for couples to feel a bit ‘lost’ after their wedding day. After all, so much planning, time and money has been poured into this particular goal that it’s hard to just enjoy being in the present and not have a ‘thing’ on the horizon to look forward to. So, ease them into married life by giving them tickets a world-famous theatre performance like Wicked, the Lion King or Les Mis. Having an exciting day out together in the calendar is sure to keep them in good spirits.

  1. Dance lessons

If the couple took dance lessons before they tied the knot (and enjoyed them), a series of dance lessons to help them improve their skills, keep fit and spend time together is definitely going to go down well. But even if they’ve never tried a dance lesson in their lives, they’re bound to have a good time doing it – even if only for a giggle!

  1. A membership or subscription

The couple’s idea of fun might be a little different from yours, so play it safe by buying them a membership or subscription to something you know they love doing. If they’re history-buffs, they’ll appreciate a year’s membership to the English Heritage or the National Trust. Or, film-lovers might really like a pass to their local cinema. Do some research and treat them to free entry for their first year of marriage.

  1. A cork globe

Perfect for newlyweds with a travel bug, this cork globe is an easy (and fun) way of tracking their adventures. They’ll enjoy marking it with pins once they return from honeymoon, and it’ll doubtless become a favourite feature of their home, reminding them of happy memories while inspiring daydreams of more to come.

  1. Luxurious dressing gowns

Whether it’s for a wedding, birthday or other special occasion, a fluffy dressing gown is sure to go down well. But, a matching set of luxurious dressing gowns made from Turkish cotton is the perfect gift for duos that have just tied the knot. They’ll use them time and time again, enjoying those lazy Sunday mornings as a married couple while they’re making breakfast.

  1. An Airbnb gift card

Airbnb offers gift cards, which means you can treat the happy couple to an adventure anywhere of their choosing. Whether they opt for a cosy cottage in the countryside, or a modern flat a city, they’ll be grateful to have something to look forward to knowing that the cost of their accommodation is covered.

  1. A fitness class

For couples that love nothing more than hitting the gym together, how about buying them a gift card to their favourite fitness classes? If they’re based in London or Edinburgh, you can buy them a gift card to the world-famous SoulCycle spinning studio. But wherever they live, you’re sure to find a class they’ll enjoy doing together.

  1. A hot air balloon ride

Of course, a hot air balloon ride is best avoided if you know the newlyweds don’t like heights. But, those who don’t feel the fear will love this once in a lifetime experience. They’ll make special memories together while they’re up in the air, and it’s unlikely anyone else will have thought of this fun gift!

So, will you be treating the couple to any of these fun wedding gift ideas? And which gifts would you be glad to receive?

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